Monday, November 2, 2015

Amazon Freetime?

It looks like the slot machine ads have gone away... for now. I can only imagine what will come to replace them.

Some readers might be wondering why I haven't talked about the "kid friendly" Amazon Freetime profile on my daughter's tablet yet. I've tried it, but ran into several issues that prevent me from using it:

  1. I cannot give access to Firefox within Freetime, which is what I've been using to show YouTube videos to my daughter.
  2. I also do not seem to be able to give the Freetime profile access to videos that are not on Amazon. For an example, I copied two Disney movies to this tablet via USB. The Freetime profile does not see those videos. I cannot give my daughter's profile access to the Amazon Video player, and when I tried to give her access to MX Player (a wonderful video player app with a screen lock) instead, that player does not see the videos on the tablet.
  3. I've also had issues with some games like Frozen Free Fall failing to load when I attempt to launch them within Freetime. It seems to use up extra memory, which this tablet is already short on.
So, basically, Amazon Freetime turns the tablet into a brick for what my family is actually trying to use the tablet for.

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