Tuesday, November 3, 2015

So, what does my daughter think of this tablet?

Just for haha's, I asked my daughter if she liked our old tablet (A Nexus 7) or the new Fire tablet better. She said that she liked the old tablet better because "We could talk to it".

Interesting answer! By "talk to it", I think that she was referring to Google Voice Search. Our old Android tablet had it, but the Amazon Fire does not.

Fascinating... even my 2 1/2 year old can notice that features are missing from this device. I guess that we'll be keeping the old Nexus 7 around, cracked screen and all.

On that disappointing note, I'm closing out my Kindle Fire review for now. Please leave me a comment on the blog if you have additional items that you would like me to review.

If you still want to buy one of these tablets (which might not be a bad idea if you're a Prime user), you might want to wait until Black Friday to get it. I noticed that Best Buy will have them on sale for $35 in the US.

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