Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Time to try out the camera on the Kindle Fire.... Ugh.

I noticed that I forgot to try out the camera in the earlier sections of my Kindle Fire review. I really wasn't expecting the 2 MP shooter on this tablet to be all that good, but I still found myself disappointed with how this camera performed.

Once my daughter went to bed, I "borrowed" her new tablet and took a few indoor pictures. The results turned out to be pretty bad:

Note that these (unretouched) pictures are noisy, pixelated, and out of focus. The colors are off as well. The camera app does have to ability to touch a part of the image in an attempt to focus it, but it didn't really seem to help in this instance. The front facing VGA (640x480) resolution camera is just as bad:

Note that the picture is out of focus and the color is off. I know... I shouldn't expect much from a camera sensor that probably cost less than a dollar, but I can't really see a point in having a camera this bad on a tablet at all.

One nice thing that I noticed during this test is that it is relatively easy to e-mail photos from the photos app. Other than that, this was a pretty disappointing (but expected) result. Just to be fair, I'll try taking some photos outside and see if it does any better. That said, don't buy this tablet if you plan on using it for taking photos!

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